Quality Policy JSC "Transaero Airlines"

JSC "Transaero Airlines" company management declares management strategy, as stated in the "control through quality" concept based on the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2008. The quality policy has the highest priority for JSC "Transaero Airlines" top management. The policy meets aviation services market requirements and corporate processes in order to guarantee high quality services.

It is our duty to develop, implement and enhance the quality management system strategy and we find ourselves bound to meet standards requirements and keep improving quality management system effectiveness.

Among our priorities:

1. To develop corporate culture based on the personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of services provided;

2. To take responsibility for each client safety according to the highest international safety and security standards while clients’ trust is the strongest motivation for us to meet all the international standards and faithfully perform our duties.

3. To listen and understand our clients. To plan future steps of further service improvement according to real client needs as we know that market success depends on our ability to hear, understand and fulfill client requests while being able to anticipate client expectations would provide long-term success for our company.

4. To prove that our company business becomes more transparent and manageable, if we consider it as a system of interrelated processes. Each of us is responsible for continuous improvement of the business processes being involved.

5. To develop and support our leaders as each of company managers:

- is focused on quality and final result;

- encourages company staff to improve their skills, delegates part of his authority and responsibility while providing necessary resources to achieve the goals

- is an example of exceptional company standards fulfillment.

6. To be a solid team of like-minded people, who shares our company corporate values. Every employee is a valuable asset and that is why we:

- make sure that candidates meet the necessary qualifications and personal competencies;

- consider the training cost as an investment in human resources;

- understand their role in the company and their contribution to aviation services safety;

- have complete information about company goals and know the best ways how to reach it

- are free to discuss all the problems and issues and take responsibility to address it.

7. To build profitable relationship with vendors. We are aimed on selecting best suppliers according to tenders and audits, complete information exchange and further relationship improvement