Web Check-in

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8 (800) 200-23-76 add 6
Skype: transaerowebsupport

Web check-in service is available for passenger with all tickets classes without exception, including discount class.

For using web check-in service needs access to Internet. After web check-in may be printed the boarding pass. In case it is impossible to print the boarding pass with any matter, it may be taken at the check-in desk at the airport without a line.

Web Check-In is available for passengers with electronic tickets only. Please pay attention to the baggage check-in rules and check-in deadline, which may depend on the rules of airport of departure.

Web check in starts30 hours before departure and finishes 1 hour before departure.
The check-in for passengers, which have bought the Transaero airlines tickets on flights operating by EasyJet aircompany (UN7401/7402/7403/7404) Moscow Domodedovo - London Gatwick – Moscow Domodedovo, for EasyJet outbound flights, is available at the EasyJet check-in desks at the airport only. The check-in service is free of charge for Transaero airline passengers.

Attention: After web check-in on flights departing from Beijing, Kiev (Juliani) and flights from/to USA it is necessary to contact the check-in desk at the airport to check passport details and print the boarding pass, as well as from Tyumen in accordance with airport rules.
In case you are flying from Hurgada or Phuket, you should contact the check-in desk agent to take immigration card and security seal on the boarding pass.

Online checked-in passengers may go straight to the Drop-Off desk with their luggage to check-in it.

Web check-in instruction:

Check-in the flight
Identification page
Passengers and flights
Passport data entering
Seat select
Privilege card adding
Boarding pass taking

If you travel with hand baggage only and you have printed boarding pass you can go straight to airport security.